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Hybrid Rock

PHOENIX is a seasoned artist who has been doing music since 1997. His music could be best described as Hybrid Rock: RapRock/Techno/Hardcore. He challenges the world to wake up from their sleep with both his music and lyrics. He is an accomplished poet, guitar player and keyboard player. Phoenix has performed with POD, DIRT, John Reuben, Seventh Day Slumber, Narcissist, ZAO and a host of other international talent. He has scored 2 singles on the national charts with "One-Thirty Eight" and "Discriminate", a song he did with the local band XD OUT. He has sold over 8,000 titles just through his live show. He is currently looking for a record label. For more information about this artist, click here.

Book Phoenix

Messianic Blues

GYPSY CARNS has been doing music since the 60's performing all over the world. He has developed into a unique original artist. He does both classic gospel blues and elctric rock blues. But no matter which you listen to, if Gypsy is doing it, you will get a no nonsense "in your face" presentation. Gypsy is the real deal. He's seen it all and done it all. He's also the international representative for Gibson Guitars. You need to book this Grammy nominated artist. For more information about this artist, click here.

Book Gypsy Carns

Booking & Promotions

Prog Metal

JACOBS DREAM is Prog Power Metal for fans of Queensryche, Iron Maiden, Dragonforce; From USA; They have released 3 ground breaking true metal titles on Metal Blade Records.  Their latest "Drama of the Ages" featured their new lead singer, Chaz Bond former lead singer of Biogenesis.  Chaz is a very emotional singer with a huge range.  We just finished a tour in Puerto Rico & one in Mexico hoping to hit Brazil in 2007.  This is big metal with a very professional band.  Their lyrics take a very solid poetic license. It's very obvious from their music, that this band is here to inspire.

Book Jacob's Dream

Rock Opera

MADMEN & DREAMERS is a Rock Opera performance company; For fans of The Wall, Tommy, Godspell & Jesus Christ Superstar; From USA;  This is a full fledged Rock Opera Company.  They have reinvented the art of musical story-telling.  It comes with the band and actors.  This is no cheesy sappy production...  It's the real deal with operas based on very serious and realistic human situations.  We are ready to tour our first completed project called "Children of Children".  This opera is the realistic look at a family who started because of a teen pregnancy, grows into a very dysfunctional situation, then they separate.  The second act of the opera is about the father making reconciliation with his maker, picking up the pieces of his life and finally reconciling with his children.  This is a very intense and emotional opera.  It's reminiscent of the writer's life.  This story is for any of us who have been part of a dysfunctional family system whether that's your current situation or the family you grew up in.  The play, if it were rated would be probably PG 13.  We like to say Children of Children is an adult opera about separation, reconciliation & redemption.  It's an opera that every American family needs to see!!!!!

Book Madmen & Dreamers

Technical Epic Metal

RIVERA/BOMMA is Technical Epic Metal; Put Rainbow, Dio, Judas Priest, U2 & Santana in a bowl and mix;  YES and they have the goods, not a cheap imitation of metal.  This is real, with a highly developed stage show.  Both singer & guitar players have been classically trained.  This is a show that never will be forgotten once seen.  All I can say is WOW!!!!  They have a presence that both kids and adult go nuts about.  They recently have also toured Puerto Rico and the islands. 

Book Rivera/Bomma

Alternative Hard Rock

BLISSED redefines a new breed of Alternative Hard Rock; Think Disciple, Disturbed, Hoobastank with rhythmic dynamics and sweet harmonies.  From Canada; This is somewhat a supergroup with former members of Static, King's Ransom & Forevertree.  This is a show and a half.  Imagine the new sound, but with a lead singer with the Charismic charm of arena rock stars.  This is high energy rock-n-roll.  You have to see it to believe that anyone can still do this kind of stuff.  Solid and tight.  This was Robert Sweet's band while Stryper laid dormant.  He played drums for them for the first 3 years, then with the comeback of Stryper, he's need to take a break.  But the new drummer is a young man who is just as much if not more and animal on the rig.

Book Blissed

Glenn Kaiser Band

GLENN KAISER BAND is a Blues Rock Trio; for fans of Eric Clapton, BB King, Robert Cray Band; They are from the USA; Over twenty-five years of Glenn Kaiser's pioneering contemporary Christian music ministry have culminated in the Glenn Kaiser Band, a scorching power trio that serves up hard-driving blues rock with no-nonsense lyrics that appeal to both longtime Resurrection Band fans as well as fans of Kaiser's ground breaking solo blues albums. Fans of Resurrection Band will note that influence, as Kaiser and Montroy were principal songwriters for REZ.

Book Glenn Kaiser Band

Moody Intelligent Folk, Blues, Jazz

ED ENGLERTH- Progressive Folk, Jazz, Blues; For fans of Bruce Cockburn, Bill Malonee & Peter Case/Weather Report, Dave Brubeck.  Ed had his start in the early Jesus band Earthen Vessel, but he has also played for Aslan, Armada, Xalt, Linear Action Band, Jan Krist and many more.  But those truly were not is best artistic expressions.  He is one of those guys who truly get better.  Today he comes with either a jazz quartet or as a solo artist.  Either way it's quite a show for the thinking man who loves extra-ordinary music.  His wit and wisdom will inspire all.  His latest two CDs have both appeared at New Music Weekly's College 30 Chart.  His acoustic rock CD "D.I.A.L. Business" went to number 1.  Ed is from the USA.

Book Ed Englerth

Hard Modern Art Rock

BLUSHING WELL is a hard modern art rock band. If you took Tool, King's X and Kutless mixed them up in a shaker and poured them out you would get Blushing Well.  For these guys music is about art & expressing their faith period.  Their music is thoughtful, intense & creative.  A band that you have to truly listen to to get it.  They have a huge following through PA & neighboring states.  They are from Chambersburg, PA.  This is college rock at it's finest.  They are very much a ministry band, not alter calls so much, more like an encouraging & prophetic ministry.

Book Blushing Well

New Metal

KRONICLES is a New Metal band for fans of Project 86, POD, Blindside.  From USA;  These guys have opened for many large acts both Christian and mainstream.  The guys have a huge energy on stage and a young presence.  They are a favorite for the teen crowd in our area.  Very easy to work with and a very obviously faithbased band.

Book Kronicles

Passonate Prog Hard Rock/Metal

IMAGES OF EDEN is best described as passonate Prog Hard Rock/Metal; for fans of Dream Theater, RUSH, Queensryche; From USA; We have been getting great reviews and tons of airplay for this band worldwide.  Images of Eden is all about creating a painting with their music mixed with emotion and a broad based Spiritual perspective. 

Book Images of Eden

UK Prog Power Metal

STAIRWAY is a UK Prog Power Metal; for fans of Dragonforce, The Darkness, Iron Maiden; Metal like it was meant to be, melodic with cool riffs and intense soloing.  These guys have been a band for over 15 years.  They are considered on of the finest in the current melodic metal scene...

Book Stairway

British Hard Rock

CASPAR MCCLOUD & THE MINISTRY OF THREE- British Hard Rock; From USA; For fans of Steppenwolf, Jethro Tull, Cream & Led Zeppelin;  A truly amazing guitar player who started off as the first person to be cast as John Lennon on Broadway's Beatlemania.  Even Phil Keaggy considers his guitar playing one of the best in the world.  Caspar does this for ministry period.  In the 80's he was signed to Atlantic Records, but left the label after he began to take his faith seriously and could no longer reconcile his life situation with the call God had on him.  Caspar has an amazing story of how he literally died and was raised again by the power of Christ.  He also is the real deal!!!!  He just released a great book called "Nothing Is Impossible" in which he talks about his life and the emerging rock-n-roll scene of the 70's & 80's. 

Book Three

Thrash, Speed Metal

PACTO de SANGRE is Thrash/Melodic Metal; For fans of Deliverance, Megadeth, Bloodgood, Tierra Santa; From Puerto Rico; This high energy, highly ministry focused band sings in both English and Spanish.  The lead vocalist is bilingual.  They are tight and heavy.  When I saw them in Puerto Rico at Hard Rock Cafe, they played for a while and the lead singer shared his testimony of God delivering him of a very sinful life.  It was truly amazing.  They open for almost every major Christian and non-Christian melodic metal act who comes through Puerto Rico, including Stryper.  They have many fans both Christian and not.  We have also received tons of positive press worldwide about them.

Book Pacto de Sangre

Progressive Power Trio

TRINITY FSG is a Prog Power Trio; For fans of Rush, Triumph & Trytan; From USA; Part worship band, part arena rockers, these guys bring worship to a new level hitting all ages.  If you need an all purpose band for family events, they are it.  They are very ministry focused and some of the easiest guys to work with and very sociable.  I personally love these guys so much from the day I heard their debut CD.  Simple hooks about real living and real worship, but with deep spiritual meaning.  Kind of reminds me of the OT passage "The Deep calling the deep".

Book Trinity FSG

Classic Metal

LIBERTY N' JUSTICE is Classic Metal for fans of Guardian, Whitesnake, Motley Crew; from USA; This is a classic metal collaboration featuring some of the greatest players from both Christian and mainstream world of late 80's early 90's metal.  The CD features the talents of Sebastian Bach, Jamie Rowe, Steven Pearcy, Oni Logan, Scott Wensel, Tony Harnell and many more.  We are trying to book some acoustic shows based on their upcoming all acoustic CD. 

Book Liberty N' Justice

Groovy Hard Rock

JET CIRUS Groove Melodic Hard Rock; for Fans of Jet Circus; We say for fans of Jet Circus because there is no one like them.  From Sweden; This is kind of like putting the Scorpions on a groove machine.  Their music has a pop sensibility with a hard edge.  The latest release "Look at Death Now" has a darker overtone than their debut with a little modern guitar sound.  But fans of the previous album usually like this one as well.  We have receive tons of great press worldwide for LADN.  Ez is about to release the hard hitting Dance Remix of the CD complete with guests.

Book Jet Circus

Prog Rock

SALEM HILL is melodic Prog Rock; for fans of Pink Floyd, YES, Rick Wakemann; They are from the USA; These are heavyweights of the current prog world.  Their current CD was released on the biggest Prog Rock label in the world- ProgRock Records.  Harmony, melody, rhythms, key changes, time changes all placed on a faithbased framework.  Solid, tight and professional...

Book Salem Hill






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