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We would love to help every good act to be presented, but unfortunately there is just not enough time and resources to make this happen. If you are interested in submitting materials for review please do so at the address below. We do not accept Sonic Bids, My Space, EPK or web site links. We want a CD and physical bio or press pack.

Silent Planet Promotions
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Phone: (661) US8-PROG
(661) 878-7764

To contact us via email please remove [break]. We receive a lot of email. If you don't get a response from us within a few days, please try again or give us a call.

Owner/Manager Mark Blair Glunt mark@silentplanet[break]promotions.com

Remember that we are looking for 3 things when selecting acts

  1. Drawing Power- Can your schtick pull people in?
  2. Is it community affirming? The entertainment we select can not be degrading to people or life in general.
  3. Thoughtfullness- We are interested in art that comes from skilled artists.

(Free International Phone Calling) Skype: SilentPlanet