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Band Media Promotions

We help bands in a couple of ways: Press (Radio & Print)
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Media Campaign Radio Samplers Booking and Management

Media Campaigns:

We have approximately 500 radio and print media outlets worldwide to ship product too. All of our contacts are constantly being updated and confirmed so we are pretty sure they are legitimate. The majority of our contacts favor progressive rock and metal music. About 1/4 of these work with Christian music exclusively. The rest don't care what faith perspective the music is as long as it's good stuff. The majority of our contacts are Europe, North America and South America. We can break down a campaign to whatever you want: geographically, by station format, just Christian stations, whatever you want.

If you have already started a media campaign, we'll work the addresses you sent to as well, even if they aren't currently in our database, so long as you provide them. Of course this is within reason. The bigger the campaign you do with us, the more additional contacts we will take on. This is something we will work out in advance.

We will work with metal bands of any sort- melodic, extreme or new metal. We also have a great reputation for decent AOR and prog rock bands. We love guitar hero rock/metal. We do well with edgy folk & Americana artists as well. We don't require the bands we do media promotions for to have a Christian faith perspective, but we do however expect all music to have a positive value. Christian music media is a conservative group of people. In order for us to do a campaign there, you must have some folks in your band that verbally embrace the Christian faith and your music is clean and inspirational.

If you use us for your next media campaign, we will be sending you a media report every week or two. We will act as your media liaison- we'll try to get interviews for you and and communicate news about your band back to the media for you.

We are the hardest working and least expensive company out there doing promotions. We charge $5 per CD we mail to the media. This fee includes us shipping the CDs to the media plus covering the CD for up to a year. There are no extra fees unless of course we have to ship more items out, such as additional singles or remixes.

The best place to start, is to come up with a budget of what you want to spend on a campaign. Then we will help you to figure out the best stations for your project. We can do all 500 or a minimum of 50 stations.

If you own a label, we will give you a big discount for multiple shipments. We will only work with prog rock and prog metal labels that put out quality material. We work with both start up labels and those that have been around forever.

We reserve the right to reject any artist for promotions for any reason. We do not work with pop, pop rock, hip-hop or dance music unless it is really off the beaten path.

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Radio Sampler:

Only the best of what would be considered art rock.  Could be any style folk, blues, jazz, metal, experimental, industrial, gothic, symphonic, etc…  Art rock is anything that is thoughtful both musically and/or lyrically.  All music is required to have an inspirational focus.  Inspirational does not mean happy or sappy.  We simply mean inspiring.  The main purposes for this compilation is for radio promotions.  All songs should be clean, without profanity.

  • This is a licensing deal to use your song for a limited run of CDs. You will keep full ownership of the song.
  • We’ll make 1000 copies at Disc Makers.  Post production mastering w/ EQ.   Will include Full color 12-page booklet in standard jewel case.  1 page dedicated to your band.  We will get a visual artist (painter) to design front cover and overall theme.  These will be limited edition, highly collectable releases.  They will have a bar code.
  • 50 copies for each band & the visual artist to sell or giveaway.
  • 500 for media promotions.  Shipped out worldwide to media outlets, focusing on reviewing the CD & drawing attention to the auctions.
  • 20-signed copies (each band member signs their page and the visual artist signs the front or back), 1 copy for each band, the visual artist and Silent Planet Promotions.  10 copies to auction off at eBay to raise money for a charity.  Each band, the visual artist & Silent Planet Promotions will pick a charity of their choice.
  • Silent Planet Promotions will not be selling copies, just the bands and the visual artist who are chosen for the sampler.  None will be sold to retail.
  • You pay $800 for up to 10 minutes.  Could be complete song & radio edit. As longs as the total doesn’t exceed 10 minutes.  All radio edits will be grouped together at the end of the Compilation.

Booking and Management:

We do booking for a number of artists, most of which we have been working with for years. At this point we are not looking to add any more acts to our roster. But of course if we see potential in your art, we might consider adding you. What we would be looking for as a priority would be entertainment that is very artistic. You also must have a current media campaign going. We only work with artists that are easy to work with and have great communications skills.

We only do management for Phoenix. He is an up and coming artist and consumes all of our time in this area. We are not and will not be looking to add artists to manage.


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