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A Jazz Fusion Weekend
April 13th-15th, 2007
at First Assembly
Wilkes-Barre, PA USA

(Our Directions) (Mapquest)
More Info (570) 417-3818
Event Schedule in PDF

Only 250 seats

Ed Englerth


Ed Englerth's Jazz Quartet


Jeremias Antonetty


The Latin Jazz of
Pastor Jeremias Antonetty

What People Are Sayin’
About Ed Englerth

All Music Guide (AMG) – USA:  “Masterful guitar playing”

The Activist – USA:  Wow!… needs to be put on a label."

Wonderful World of Music - Belgium:  “Real rockin’ tracks and also ballads of top quality.”

Phantom Toolbooth – USA:  “will hold your attention from beginning to end.”

William Backus – USA:  “I have enjoyed listening to it several times and have played it for my friends…”

Ray White (Frank Zappa Band) – USA:  “I like it!”

More about Ed Englerth

Ed Englerth's
Jazz Quartet

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Ed's Bio

Ed Englerth's Jazz Quartet
D.I.A.L. Business
Live at the State Grounds
Anything But Hope
A Little Bit Of Me Everywhere
Ed Englerth About Ed Englerth: Progressive Folk, Jazz, Blues; For fans of Weather Report, Dave Brubeck/ Bruce Cockburn, Bill Malonee & Peter Case.  Ed had his start in the early Jesus band Earthen Vessel, but he has also played for Aslan, Armada, Xalt, Linear

Action Band, Jan Krist and many more. But those were not is best artistic expressions.  He is one of those guys who truly gets better with age.  Today he comes with either a jazz quartet or as a solo artist.  Either way it's quite a show for the thinking man who loves extra-ordinary music.  His wit and wisdom will inspire all.  His latest two CDs have both appeared at New Music Weekly's College 30 Chart.  Recently his acoustic rock CD "D.I.A.L. Business" appeared at number one. 


More about Pastor Jeremias Antonetty Pastor Jeremias Antonetty Purchase CDs & Books

All About Hyms - Flute and Piano
All About Hymns Christmas
Worship Him
I Believe
I Pledge My Love To You
Rose of Sharon

Pastor Jeremias Antonetty

Jeremias Antonetty is from Puerto Rican and Italian descent born and raised in New York City, whose relatives come from Ponce, PR. He is the fifth child of Jeremias & Juana Antonetty. Jeremias was fascinated with music since he was a little boy, when he used
to listen to his father play. His father, Jeremias Antonetty was known as the best left-handed guitar player in his time and played and recorded with various well known latin artists. It was no surprise that Jeremias picked up his father's guitar at the age of 7 and by the age of 12 he had a small band with his neighborhood friends. He received his first guitar which was given to him by a catholic charity. By the age of 14, intrigued by the deep sound of the bass, he begun to play bass guitar. He spent many hours in his room plugged into his record player and playing along with records. His goal was to play every note on every record he was listening to. At the age of 17 he played in his first Latin band and became a bass player with his own band, "The USSD Band" He also played with a latin band called "Los Prospectos" in the 70's and various other bands.

At age 23, he gave his life to God and accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior, he left his band and begun playing in the church's band, that was over 20 years ago. He is the Pastor of Worship & Praise and Worship Leader at the Christian Pentecostal Church in Staten Island. He is the founder of Liberty Praise Ministries, Inc. where he and his wife, Rufina are both ordained ministers. He has travelled throughout the five boroughs of New York as well as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Europe, Africa and Jerusalem. He is an accomplished musician who plays a variety of instruments including the piano and bass. He has also recorded over 300 songs for various artists as well as over 100 original songs and original soundtracks for 2 Passion plays.



All events happening at:
Printable Schedule

First Assembly
780 S. Main St.
Wilkes-Barre, PA
More Info (570) 417-3818
Friday April. 13th
(FREE/ with offering taken)

Worship Service with Pastor Jeremias Antonetty
This with be a bilingual event (Spanish and English)
Childcare will be provided if needed

7 PM - Until it's over


Saturday April 14th
Workshops & Concert

Workshops with Pastor Jeremias and
his wife Rufina Antonetty
and Ed Englerth

Childcare will be provided if needed

(FREE/ with offering taken)
Please RSVP for the Workshops & Luncheon
( / (570) 417-3818)

(Workshop Topics TBA)

Pastor Jeremias Antonetty "Worship"
10 am - 12 pm
1 pm - 3 pm

Ed Englerth "Songwriting, Recording and the spirit of the muse" & "Why Believe Anything"
10 am - 12 pm
1 pm - 3 pm

Pastor Rufina Antonetty "Woman & Healing "
10 am - 12 pm
1 pm - 3 pm

A boxed lunch will be provided for Saturday lunch for a donation to the Church
Please RSVP for the Workshops & Luncheon
( / (570) 417-3818)


Admission for Saturday concert
$12 advance; $15 at the door
Children 12 & under get in free

7 PM Jazz Concert w/
Ed Englerth's Jazz Quartet
Pastor Jeremias Antonety

Sunday April 15th
(FREE admission/ with offering taken)

Worship Service with Pastors Jeremias &
Rufina Antonetty
at 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

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