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About Silent Planet Promotions

Renaissance Wanted

As Kyle Henderson sang, "We need a renaissance in these dark ages." The purpose of Silent Planet Promotions is simply to promote quality fine art. It seems to us that corporations who really don’t care a rat’s behind about art have hijacked it. All that seems to stimulate them is making a dollar and they will do whatever they can to strip it down and manipulate people to weasel them into buying their cheapened merchandise. We are here to put music back into the hands of the people: the artists and fans. As the Alarm’s Mike Peters said, "Music by the people for the people."
Artists we love and want to work with approach music, writing and the visual as fine art, not as a platform to scream at people, manipulate, offend or divide them. Our artists possess integrity in all areas: exceptional musical ability, lyrical thoughtfulness and outstanding personal lives. Although they are very diverse from hard rocking 'larger than life' performers to 'a dude and his acoustic guitar', they hold one thing in common: to them artistic expression is a craft, a tool of communicating ideas, not a way to make a self gratifying noise.
As a company, we pride ourselves to being honest, up front and real with you. We provide full service to each show that is booked through us. We will supply you with posters, artwork, music samplers of our artists, do media contacts and email blasts to fans. We'll also ask you for feedback so we know what is working and what is not. We promise to be there for you. Silent Planet Promotions is here to serve you.
So if you are looking for real music by real talented people, you need to book our artists. You will not be disappointed.

Mission Statement

Silent Planet Promotions' simple mission is "to help artists become what they are meant to be". We are not here to push artists into a mold but to respectfully help to bring out the best in them. We find these qualities and promote them to the general public. Our passion is for fine Inspirational art. We always choose bands by a calling we feel towards their art. We provide a holistic covering to everyone we work with. This includes watching out for them in areas financial, physical, emotional and spiritual. We are simply here to be a support for them. SPP is a company that is concerned about them personally and their work. Our keywords are Integrity, Artistry, Creativity and Entertainment. This defines both who we are as a company and the artists we serve.


It was early in 2004 when Mark, the owner, began to get rather frustrated beyond reason at the state of music in general. You see Mark has been in radio since 1984. Being in radio and playing a lot of Independent music, one gets to hear lots of great music that is overlooked- quality acts which need attention. Not only has he done broadcasting but he was also involved in a number other areas of the music business. Mark spent five years running his own bookstore where he sold books, music and some local artwork. He also is a musician with a two semesters of music under his belt at Eastern Mennonite University. He has performed in a number of bands and as a soloist and songwriter. Mark has been booking bands for local performances since 1985. He has over 100 concerts under his belt.
In 2004 a number of bands began approaching him to do some managing, booking and promotions for them. So finally he gave in and opened shop in April 2004 shipping the first 3 projects to radio- XD OUT, X-Terra & Rivera/Bomma. XD OUT landed 2 cuts on the national chart. And Rivera/Bomma, although unheard of in this “modern” age for a melodic metal band, scored a #15 on the national loud chart at the American Christian Music Journal. Shortly after that we began working with Global Warning. They hit the national loud chart with two singles “Follow” #2 and "Disconnect" #25, and quite a few singles after that appeared on the national charts. Since then, he has helped a number of other bands.
Our goal is simple, to assist bands so that they can continue to do what they do best- write great music and perform. Not only do we do media promotions but we also do booking for most of the bands that are part of the Silent Planet Promotions family.
We are a full service company. Service is the keyword. We are here to serve our bands, the media and venues. We want to make sure you have everything you need to make your production a success. We do this because we love music and we believe in our artists. We believe that music is the medicine to both sooth & inspire. We want to help music get to the people.


To help develop Inspirational artists, to promote them to the general public, to help them find international distribution, and to book them internationally in both the mainstream and inspirational markets. We are an extended family, providing a safe, supportive and creative environment.
  1. Silent Planet Promotions is a company that works with Inspirational artists. We are committed to the entertainer spiritually, emotionally and artistically.
  2. Silent Planet Promotions is a company, which is always in a state of flux to move with the artist and culture.
  3. Silent Planet Promotions is a company which has a heart of service to all it’s patrons; bands, venues, labels, the media and fans.
  4. Although Silent Planet Promotions is a company, which works with Inspirational artists, products and services are marketed equally to the international mainstream culture and the Inspirational market.
  5. Silent Planet Promotions works with artists in order to help them to develop who they already are, not to push them into a mold.
  6. Silent Planet Promotions is a collection of talented people who always work in a spirit of cooperation with one another. Every person involved, every idea is valuable.
  7. Silent Planet Promotions seeks out bands in which we believe in both their music and their mission. We will never take on a band that we don’t have full confidence in. We will also never take on a band because they are an easy dollar.

*Note: When we use the word Inspirational, we do not mean what as the industry does. What we mean is simply art that inspires people to greatness- that which helps people to overcome difficulties in life. We are not interested in artists that just provide "entertainment" or "party bands". We want art that is actually saying something positive to the world in an original way.

Where the name came from

People often wonder where the name Silent Planet Promotions came from. It is often assumed that it came from a song by a band, usually in reference to two of the greatest entertainment acts- King's X or Iron Maiden. Although we really admire their work, we actually go to their source C.S. Lewis. Our name comes from the first book of what is referred to as his Space Trilogy. The first book is called "Out of the Silent Planet". We have tremendous respect for Lewis, he was able to quite effectively balance both entertainment and giving the reader something more that might help them make sense of this strange world we live in.
Some folks confuse us with the former record label Silent Planet Records. This label worked mostly with inspirational folk and acoustic artists. We personally have many recordings from this label and have enjoyed every artists that we have heard from that awesome label. But no we are not associated with them in any way except that we all read the same great books.
Contrary to contemporary belief, art does not have to be brainless, vulgar and degrading. Art should be inspiring us to greatness.